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HCG brings a deep level of insight, experience, and connections to studies and analyses surrounding legal and transportation services. Our approach is grounded in our core strengths, developed over thirty years of experience. We worked with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and CEQA in connection with the design of the Alameda Corridor Heavy Rail Project, which was successfully executed without delays due to environmental concerns. We also worked with a variety of southern Californian government entities to inquire into any possible contracting disparities between prime contractors and M/W/SBE sub-contractors. In assisting clients, we bring a variety of powerful assets to the table, including:
  • Metro Certification as a Minority, Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise. (MBE/DBE/SBE)
  • A long track record of providing top-notch legal and transportation related services to prime contractors and state and local agencies.
  • Our diverse team of professionals bring a deep understanding of the laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to labor compliance, construction law enforcement, FEEO, NEQA, and more.
  • A network of strong, important relationships we have built in the industry, enabling our clients to build support for their projects in the preliminary phases of study and analysis.

Areas of Expertise

HCG conducts accurate, objective, and defensible assessments of the hiring practices in private and public sector projects. Our world class staff draws from our specialization in SBE and DBE policies to perform rigorous, complex investigations that help clients uncover and fight inequitable practices against women and minorities. As an example, we were retained by LA County Metro, Southern California Metro Link, Orange County Transit Authority, and other government entities to obtain and compile analysis and anecdotal evidence of existing disparity between prime and subcontractors in the procurement process on transportation projects. Our Disparity Studies include the following:

  • Obtaining and compiling analysis and anecdotal evidence of existing disparity which involves:

    • Reviewing prime and subcontractor records (procurement, payroll, etc).

    • Conducting interviews with workers, SBEs and DBEs.
    • Review hiring goal compliance.
    • Review benchmarks
      review current economic factors.
    • Investigate complaints.
  • Help implement SBE and DBE programs
  • Provide litigation support
  • Provide SBE and DBE support and outreach

HCG helps clients navigate the complex environmental landscape required for many land use projects in California, including the protocol and requirements of CEQA. Our work has included developing construction mitigation solutions to address local environmental concerns around the LA MTA Blue Line Light Rail project, and assisting the same entity in conducting its Environmental Impact Report on the execution of the Alameda Corridor Heavy Rail Project. Specifically, we are equipped to help clients with:

  • Local, state and federal environmental requirements and permits
  • Investigation, discovery, reporting and mitigation of impact issues
    • Social.
    • Land use.
    • Ecological.
    • Water-quality.
    • Air quality.
    • Justice issues.

HCG provides due diligence services to public and private sector clients. We discover the key factors and make the connections that give clients a holistic understanding of the risks and strategic opportunities of their project, including:

  • Leadership & community support
  • Impact issues (fees, tax and environmental)
  • Funding and other challenges
  • Primary and secondary market research (e.g., economic benefits, sales and tax revenue)

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