Targeted Hire Programs, Worker Plans and Project Labor Agreements


HCG leverages over thirty years of workforce development, labor laws, and local jobs coordination experience in California in its work with prime contractors. We have provided collective bargaining negotiations, facilitated targeted hiring initiatives, and responded to unfair labor practices claims on behalf of both public and private sector clients. Example client work includes developing and implementing the Local Hire Plan and providing labor compliance and SBE outreach for the Expo Authority. Our assets include:
  • Close relationships with contractors and trade unions based on major public work contracts.
  • As a law firm, significant expertise in quasi-legal areas of contract and labor compliance of construction law.
  • Deep experience representing employers in regards to union organizing campaigns.

Areas of Expertise

HCG has the experience our clients need to maximize the job placement of local community residents for their projects. We have run a wide variety of programs, such as: the Recruiting and Job Placement programs for the Los Angeles Unified District; the Century Community Training Program that cultivated relationships to maximize the placement of local community residents on major construction projects; and Expo Authority’s Local Hire Plan. To ensure residents receive the best opportunities, we:

  • Have cultivated strong partnerships with craft unions, contractors, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, local agencies, probation officers and other local training providers.
  • Are highly versed on laws, regulations and policies pertaining to Targeted Worker and Local Hiring program compliance.

Utilizing these strengths, we offer the following expertise and service to our clients:

  • Outreach programs designed to advertise client’s opportunities to local communities and/or targeted workers
  • Recruitment, assessment and encouragement of candidate’s participation in client opportunities
  • Initiate and manage job training and apprenticeship programs on behalf of clients projects

HCG is committed to leveling the playing field for DBEs and SBEs.* We have worked with a variety of entities to ensure these firms gain access to state contracts and purchases. On the Expo 2 project, we conducted an outreach program for SBEs and local firms, ensuring that the prime contractor employed 228 SBEs and awarded 16.9% of contracts to SBEs. We use our expertise on DBE / SBE Enterprise program law, regulations, and policies to help our clients with:

  • Setting up and launching SBE and DBE programs in compliance with all regulatory guidelines
  • Facilitating outreach programs and strategies to attract qualified DBEs and SBEs to client projects
  • Instituting job training and apprenticeship programs for SBEs and DBEs
  • Offering assistance to companies seeking certification designations

*The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) programs are targeted to increase business opportunities within the highway construction and design industries for minorities, women and economically disadvantaged individuals within the State of California. Specifically the programs help DBEs and SBEs increase competitiveness with other non-DBEs and SBEs for state contracts and purchases.

HCG has decades of experience working with prime contractors Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).* Harris was instrumental in the implementation of the PLA and adoption of the Construction Careers Policy (CCP) on the Expo 2 Light Rail project. We help our clients with:

  • Due diligence and economic factors
  • Negotiation of the PLA agreement and mitigation of risk
  • Facilitation of local hire programs
  • Labor compliance and enforcement

*(PLAs) are considered, for the most part, standard practice in the organization of construction projects in California. PLAs are agreements between the project owner, contractor and local unions and assures that construction projects are completed without major workplace issues, compliance with certain union hiring practices are followed and most importantly, union wages are paid to hired workers.

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