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Harris is considered one of California's most experienced firms providing Labor Compliance Implementation and Enforcement. Our Labor Compliance and Enforcement services are geared for California's construction project owners and contractors, including those agencies governed by California’s Assembly Bill 1506. The staff at Harris is continually educating themselves to stay relevant and up-to-date on the rules and regulations of every construction law enforcement entity, including Federal Equal Employment Opportunity requirements. We are dedicated to working with all parties (the owners, contractors and workers), to successfully meet requirements and regulations.
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Areas of Expertise

  • Scheduling of meeting with all parties to discuss requirements of project.
  • Distribution of all requirements and forms.
  • Act as liaison and advisor to facilitate a smooth jump start of the project.
  • Developing language for bid advertisements and invitations for project owner.
  • Help contractors institute proper bid procedures and facilitate pre-job conferences to explain the process and it’s benefits.
  • Collect and review payroll records of contractors and workers to ensure prevailing wages are paid to those workers on public works constructions projects according to Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) classifications.
  • Continued record keeping and reporting of findings, as well as any discrepancies of payroll records to proper authorities.
  • Schedule and arrange regular visits to jobsite.
  • Query workers on various procedures being utilized at the jobsite.
  • Review and investigate potential violations.
  • Record findings for reporting purposes.
  • Review and keep records of all payroll related records including worker’s comp insurance and other records.
  • Annual reporting to Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).
  • Reporting of unresolved violations to DIR.
  • Attend any hearings and assist with any violations on behalf of owner.
  • Provide ongoing education to owners and contractors regarding compliance procedures through organized outreach programs.

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